A Traveller’s Guide 2018

A Traveller’s Guide 2018

 A Traveller’s Guide 2018

The beautiful city of Tallinn Estonia, A Travellers' Guide

The beautiful city of Tallinn Estonia,

Changing Trends

Things change all the time in travel. A Traveller’s Guide 2018 aims to keep up with the changing trends. Furthermore, 2018 heralds a year of much change for the average traveller. Thus, it is wise to be up to date with what is going on. Great fear is to often assigned to travel by the traditional media. As a result this scares many a traveller off. And while isolated incidents do sometimes occur, with the continuing low cost of oil, people are traveling like never before. They also travel seeking more meaningful experiences of travel. While the vacation market is growing, there is a growing number of people who are seeking more diversity from their travel experience.

Lower Cost

Norwegian Airlines Dreamliner - A Traveller's Guide

Everything with the Norwegian Dreamliner is designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind

A new generation of discount airlines have taken to the skies.  Their goal, to redefine what it is to travel cost-effectively. They are prepared to offer more. They are attacking on price and they are delivering greater value to the average traveller. Technology is at the forefront. More fuel efficient fleets are allowing them to service exotic and little known, spectacular destinations. Thus, they are rapidly capturing market share. Their onboard services are superior, consequently capturing a growing crowd that expect more. Free WiFi, award winning on-board entertainment, fresh cabins are all part of the deal. You can even regularly find $100 deals flying New York to Europe or Australia to Asia. They are taking traditional airlines to task.


Budapest AirBnB Apartment - A Traveller's Guide 2018

Budapest AirBnB Apartment A Traveller’s Guide 2018

There are so many different options for accommodations. In some places, Home-Stay solutions have made it far more accessible to travel. However, in locations like North America, greed and a cash-in mentality have all but erased this possibility for the budget traveller. With a national average of around $180 USD a night for an Airbnb, the cost of Home-Stays in the USA has only increased greatly in the last few years. However, in other locations in Central and Eastern Europe, it has seen accessibility increase greatly. In Budapest, you can get a beautiful neo-baroque apartment, in the heart of the city, on most nights, for under $50 USD. This will accommodate up to four people.


Travellers are turning away from packaged tours. Stock standard, check-the-box, tourist traps that used to be the standard fare. People expect more authenticity. More meaning. A traveller experience that reflects the local culture, tells the local story and most of all, puts you in touch with real locals in the know. Thus, the market is turning to meet these demands. Your modern traveller wants to know that little secret place. That hidden unknown story and be made to feel truly at home. So they feel they are getting a unique experience. While many are turning to service that need, not all provide real value. Peer-reviews are sometimes unreliable, so, people are turning to word-of-mouth referrals. Trusted sources from acquaintances, friends, and relatives. Perhaps, this will keep this trend and the quality of such services delivered headed in the right direction.


At Destinator Travel, we believe travel is a transformational experience.  A way to learn from the world and subsequently, a way to tell your story. Cost for many today is no longer the barrier. It is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what might happen and consequently, this irrational fear stops many people from traveling. Travel gives you the opportunity to meet new people and see just how much you have in common. There have never been more people travelling than in 2018. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow from the experience.

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