Hidden Europe

Hidden Europe

Hidden Europe

Hunyadi Castles Transylvania, Europe

The spectacular Hunyadi Castle Transylvania – Hidden Europe

When many people think of Europe, they think Paris, London, all the well-trodden paths. Rarely do people think, Transylvania, Pristina, Tallinn and the treasure that await in these lesser know magnificent destinations. Some people ask whether Transylvania is actually real, or whether they have to fear vampires. Seriously, this is no joke as I get asked this all the time. These places lay hidden in Europe, and thus, their cultural experiences and stories are spectacularly missed.

Did you know that Transylvania has a world famous history of its natural living mineral water springs? Also, that is it one of the perfect places to explore pristine forests, experience spectacular rites-of-passage cultural festivals or even experience a family retreat?

Traditional Hungarian Dances of Europe

Traditional Hungarian Dances

There is so much culture, experience and story to explore in Transylvania. As a result, I have created a Transylvania Unknown Experience. This is one of a series of experiences I am creating around the world this year. Intended for the adventurous story seeker. People interested in the story behind the story, getting to know the locals, seeing what is unseen and thus, experiencing something unique.

Europe Cultural Experiences

Budapest, Rudas Furdo, Europe

Budapest – Best known for its natural mineral Hot-Springs

This is a dream of mine. To share first hand, what I have learnt and experienced from the people, cultures and stories of the more than 40 countries, on six continents I have visited and lived in over the past seven years. Budapest Unknown is already live.  Just 10 people will get to experience this.  Intimate and unique, I will be your personal host. Together we will get to explore the little trodden paths. To connect with local people. Learn their stories. Share their lives and experience the little known cultural gems you will treasure.  I trust, most importantly, make friendships that will travel with you for a life-time.

Getting There

There has never been a better time to come to Europe. A new generation of discount airlines are taking to the skies, thus making it possible to fly from New York to London for around $100 USD. From London it is so easy to get to places like Budapest and Cluj Napoca, with fares often starting from £20 or roughly $28 USD. And while peak times of summer can be more, the price of flying from the US to Europe return, has dropped from around $1000 USD just a couple of years ago, to around $400 now. Take advantage of this now. Booking early always gets a better price. And finally, If you are interested, I am just a click away, confident that I will facilitate an experience to remember. I so look forward to seeing you here.

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