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Love the Way You Live Life!

Tell your  Story Through The Transformative Experience of Travel…This Story Is Mine

At Destinator Travel, we believe in the power of stories. Your story is out there, just waiting to be told through your next travel adventure. We feel everyone’s story is vital and that travel as an experience, has the great potential to transform people, the way they see the world and themselves. This is the way we live our lives. For the last six years I have travelled full-time with my family, living with and immersing ourselves in the lives, cultures and stories of the people of the world living on six different continents.

I created Destinator Travel as a way of helping people make Travel the Focus. Destinator Travel is a new concept in travel services. It is something I am calling a Travel Concierge Service. We are not a travel agent, we are your Personal Travel Advocate. This means we put you first above all others in meeting your travel needs. Travel agents work on commissions, creating the possibility of a conflict of interest that could potentially put your needs second. This will never happen with us.  We listen to your specific needs and from this we create for you your own Personalised Travel Itinerary (PTI) that you can then easily use to book online yourself. The Aim: to deliver the most cost effective and convenient mode of travel to suit your needs, saving you time and frustration and giving you peace of mind that you have the best options for your journey.he Destinator / Founder and Owner of Destinator Travel

Pay What You Feel It’s Worth  This means that you are directly empowered to value the worth of our services, based directly on the value we have delivered to you, trustfully, with consideration and respect given to the effort and energy we have invested. We believe in the power of trust, mutual benefit and community spirit. This is why, we place this power in your hands. We feel it is a new model for a better world.

I would like to play a personal part in empowering your story and if you feel my story is worth sharing, I would sincerely ask you to share it. Tell your family, friends and all those interested about my service, share Destinator Travel’s Facebook Page, and help to tell our story. Telling each other’s stories is important and we trust that we too, will be able to play a significant part in helping you, to tell yours.

My sincerest regards,

Lalika Kaponay


The Destinator / Founder and Owner of Destinator Travel


What is a Pay What You Feel It’s Worth model of payment?

We feel it’s a new model for a better world

There can be many versions of how this works…Our version of Pay What You Feel It’s Worth is based on Trust and Mutual Respect.

Pay What You Feel It’s Worth is not a way to get something for free.

It’s a monetary way to value someone’s work in a very personal way, while giving the customer the freedom to choose their payment relative to the benefits they have received, while also taking into consideration and giving respect to the efforts and energies invested by the service provider to deliver that work.


How might this work for you and The Destinator?

While we feel the payment you make it is completely up to you, and takes into account your financial capacity, we have here a few examples that may help you to decide or give you a guide.

The Only Exception…

Budapest, Rudas Furdo

Budapest – Best known for its natural mineral Hot-Springs

The only time we have to adopt a fixed price to our services is in our Destinator Experiences. These are our tailored cultural experiences where we work directly with partners to bring together truly unique immersive travel experiences. Experiences that are based on story and are endowed with the energies and efforts of the local people, their stories, their cultures and experiences. These are deeply personal organised adventures of learning and discovery, most, personally hosted by The Destinator himself. However, these experiences often require us to invest in other people and their organisation, some of whom are still working in fixed fee costs for the exchange of their services. This requires that are able to pay them what they ask upfront and as such we are unable to offer these on a Pay-What-You-Feel-It’s-Worth basis. We trust however that what we create and offer not only deliver value beyond your expectation, but also provide an experience that you will be happy to keep sharing in story long-after it has ended, with everyone you know.

There are also additional ways to value what we do.

With today’s plethora of connection through social networks, word-of-mouth personal recommendations are a powerful way in which you can add value to our efforts. Taking the energy and effort to speak to your family, friends, acquaintances and all those interested in our services will not only be telling your story, it will be telling ours. A merged experience we have shared together and is a powerful way that will make a real difference in our efforts to help people make tell their stories, while making traveling the focus.

Some Examples To Assist:

Finding that great price on a flight:

• You may be seeking an airfare from the US to the UK. You may have in mind a price that you are happy to pay. You engage The Destinator to find you a best price flight based on your specific needs. The Destinator actually finds you a flight that meets your requirements, and is a $180 less than the price you expected to pay. In this situation it might be appropriate to give 30% of that savings as acknowledgement of the value. I.E. You have saved $180. $54 would cover The Destinator’s expenses while you are still $126 ahead of where you thought you would be, not to mention the time, energies and stress you have saved in searching for and wondering whether you got the best deal.

Planning that big trip:

•Planning that family vacation or that dream travel experience? You engage The Destinator to do it all. You tell us what you imagine. The Destinator researches everything, finds the best most convenient options for your travel tickets, helps create your travel story, works directly with local providers to ensure that everything is covered, organises accommodation, transport, logistics, negotiations, everything in a way that is created specifically to meet your own personal needs. This may create an opportunity where The Destinator not only find you $ Hundreds of dollars of savings in airfares, and accommodations, transport etc. but also takes care of everything for you, so that all you have to do is book, pay and turn-up. In this situation you might consider offering something additional to the 30% savings on costs of airfares. An amount that takes into consideration the energies, efforts and care that has been invested in bringing your dream journey to life. Something that would take into consideration how much it would have cost you with your time and efforts to try to put this together. Something that also reflects the ease of the experience you have had and the expertise that The Destinator brings to the table.  All of this in the appreciation of the sheer pleasure you will have in just being able to focus and completely enjoy the experience of the journey itself.

Creating A More Sustainable & Equitable World

In our way of thinking, Pay What You Feel It’s Worth is a first and vital step to creating a more sustainable and far more equitable world. A way to reverse the adversarial ‘I must Win’ philosophy of business, with a true Win-Win mentality, endowed with feelings of mutual respect in the knowing that everyone will find their happy medium.

A step in the right direction.

We started this service in an effort to strive to provide real value, assistance, and make a resonating difference in people’s lives.

If this is the case and we meet your expectations, we ask you to think of rewarding us in a way that is truly reflective of the benefit that you have received and the difference it has made in your life.


Our Partners, are trusted people…small business owners who invest great care in the stories that they create, the experiences they provide and the people whose lives they are privileged to touch.


A world where everyone’s stories are shared through the experience of transformative travel.

Experience Your Transformation Today.

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