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Project Description

The Budapest & Hungary you didn’t know existed!

Discover it with The Destinator himself

August 2nd – 4th, 2019

Just $495 USD per person

How would you like to experience a Budapest very few locals know along with

an authentic traditional Hungarian Village Stay experience?

This is a Destinator exclusive, taking in real local and cultural experiences that most visitors to Hungary never get to see.

All in the warmth of a small intimate group of  people, accompanied and guided personally by The Destinator himself.

This is the type of travel experience that defines what transformative travel means…Going deeper to the heart of the places, people and culture we visit.

We immerse ourselves in the stories and thus, you will know and live them first-hand.

Connect with authentic local village people and their living stories. These are the experiences that will last a life-time and thus, change the way you see the world.

Over the course of  three days we will:

  • Meet early Friday afternoon, 2nd of August. Experience the beauty of little known nature hiking trails overlooking stunning Budapest. Here, we walk, picnic, photograph and thus learn the local stories of the hills and valleys we visit.

  •  On our return, we take in some local street food delicacies for dinner. Besides that, we will a beautiful night time excursion, up into the Buda Hills of Gellert. Here, we learn the local stories of the ages as we take in the stunning night vista of Budapest below. Thus there are plenty of opportunities for stunning photography of Budapest at night below.

  • To finish off the evening, we will soak up the 16th Century at its core. We take a late Friday night visit to the Medieval Turkish Style Rudas Thermal Baths. Here we rejuvenate our bodies and souls and thus renew ourselves for Saturday.

  • Saturday morning we journey out together to a local Hungarian Village. Awaiting us in traditional style and manner we are welcomed by the local families, who will personally host you in their own homes. Most importantly, this will give you a personal opportunity to connect with authentic local Hungarian villagers and share in their stories.

  • We then learn the local story of the village. Visiting the local Lordly Manor Castle, we learn what life was like in the past from the living stories of the village people.

  • On a culinary explosion of delight, we learn to cook a number of Hungarian dishes with the local villagers sharing their knowledge.

  • Experience traditional peasant cooking, cooked over an open flame cauldron, using locally sourced Hungarian products, and thus supporting the local economy.

  • Traditional Hungarian and Székely Transylvanian dance at its core is just the beginning of our fun evening. We will experience what it is to live a traditional Hungarian Dance House. We learn the stories to each step as we dance, and thus, our stories merge and local culture comes to life.

  • On the completion of the evening, we are taken to our accommodations. The local villagers have reserved a very special place for you in their hearts and homes. Enjoy a peaceful night of rest and thus, wake rejuvenated, with a new view of the world.

  • Sunday morning we enjoy a hearty and healthy Hungarian family breakfast.

  • We then bid our hosts farewell and we return to Budapest.

  • On our return, we finish our experience, with a walking tour of some of the best hidden gems in Budapest. These places carry Budapest’s true living stories and thus, they gift us a view of Budapest many seldom know.

Secure Your Place Now

JUST $495 USD per person

What’s Included:

  • All the walking tours, including all the stories shared

  • A three day Budapest Travel Card, allowing us to use all Budapest Public Transport

  • Entry to The Rudas Baths, and all the soaking your body can take

  • Return train ticket from Budapest to the local Hungarian village

  • Transfers from the train station to the village, then back to the train station

  • Entry to the Village Manor House, then a guided full-story telling experience of the house and its history

  • The local cooking lesson, then the enjoyment of eating what we have prepared

  • A Full-Dance House experience, including, live band, singers, dance teachers

  • Your local village accommodations on the Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning

  • A  generous personal contribution to the Village’s cultural heritage fund.

What’s Not Included:

  • Airfares, transfers or transportation to Budapest

  • Accommodation in Budapest on the Friday night

  • Any meals unless specified as included

  • Any other incidental costs not listed here

Where The Destinator Can Assist:

We can help you find and plan the best way to get to Budapest, all your transportation and accommodation needs.


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