Family Retreat

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Project Description

At Home In The World Family Retreat


July 1st – July 14th, 2019


In the Summer of 2019, The Kaponay and Pearce Families are extending an invitation to ten families to join them in Transylvania, Romania, for an unprecedented transformational experience of learning, adventure, exploration and discovery.

This will be a two week fully immersive, all-inclusive retreat. We will explore and learn about deepening family connections to each other, finding your collective direction, creating and telling your family story, and coming together with 10 other families as a small but close community.

We have a fully-integrate programme of learning for adults and children, where the best styles of integrative, collaborative, self-organising learning are going to be applied.

There are also 8 of the most spectacular excursions organised, as well as a full range of immersive cultural experiences we will have together. Connect with the local people, their stories and experience a view to a different world.

Come have an all-inclusive, once-in-a-lifetime, deepening and connective family experience in Transylvania.