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Project Description

The Transylvania & Romania you didn’t know existed!

Discover it with The Destinator himself

In an intimate gathering

July 19th – 21st, 2019

For $495 USD per person/twin based

How would you like to experience a Transylvania only very few locals know?

Hidden from tourists, taking in the real local and cultural experiences that visitors never get to see. All in the warmth of a small intimate group of  people, accompanied and guided personally by The Destinator himself.

This is the type of travel experience that defines what transformative travel means…Going deeper to the heart of the places, people and culture we visit.

We immerse ourselves in the stories and thus, you will know and live them first-hand.

We connect you with local people and their living stories, gifting the potential that these experiences will last a life-time and so, change the way you see the world.

Over the course of  three days we will:

  • Meet early Friday afternoon to experience at our stunning Székely Resort Accommodations to explore the natural beauty and bounty of the surrounding rich Transylvanian forests. Here, the ancient knowledge of the local Székely people will be revealed, as we learn about the forest. We learn how we we can sustainably harvest its bounties. We learn of its medicinal purposes. We walk, gather, photograph and learn the local stories of the hills and valleys we visit.

  •  On our return, we take what we have gathered  and in local style we will cook our bounty over the open flame in the traditional cauldron style pot. We will also make our very own Chimney Cakes, Kürtőskalács from scratch. This is a cake that is now world famous with many countries trying to culturally appropriate it as their own. Learn of its origins and immerse yourself in its sweet tastes.  After dinner we will gather around the Bonfire share stories of the ages and hear of the local stories as we sit and drink warm drinks, sing and enjoy each other’s company.

  • On Saturday morning, we will head to a near-by village and learn the well kept secrets of how a traditional Székely Family lived . This is the actual ancestral home of the Destinator’s Great Grand Mother. We will learn her stories and of how she lived. We will also use her original loom to weave a traditional Székely rug. We will enjoy the local fare, with traditionally home style bake potato bread with traditional eggplant spread and fresh tomatoes and bean paste to enjoy.

  • Later in the afternoon we will have time to rest and take in the natural beauty of the local surrounds of our accommodations. The stunning Küküllő river flows right by our accommodations and you can take it in or be adventurous and kayak. Or you can go for a walk, bike or horse-ride in the local surrounds. Or, just rest by the pool have a sauna and enjoy the afternoon.

  • In the evening we will enjoy an early dinner of traditional fare, before we head to the dance hall. Here we experience traditional Hungarian and Székely Transylvanian dance at its core. We learn what it is to live a traditional Hungarian Dance House. We learn the stories, and to each step, we dance the night away as our stories merge and come to life with the dance.

  • Sunday morning we wake to healthy breakfast and  mid-morning, we head to where the living waters of Transylvania give life and rejuvenation to its people. We head to Homorod on the famous Hargita, where we will drink in the local living mineral springs, fresh as they bubble out of the earth. Naturally carbonated, these waters have living healing properties. We will walk the short distance to the stunning natural hot-springs, where we will be able to soak our bones and recover from the previous night’s revelry.

  • From here we return to the our accommodations where we say our goodbyes.

What’s Included:

  • All organised tours & all the stories shared

  • Two night’s accommodation at Zetevár Resort and Spa.

  • Friday evening dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast

  • Entry cost to the Village Museum with a guided full-story telling experience of the house and its history

  • The local cooking experience, the preparation of the Chimney Cakes and the enjoyment of eating what we have prepared

  • A Full-Dance House experience, including, singers, dance teachers

  • Transfers to and from Homorod & Entry to the Hot-Spring

What’s Not Included:

  • Airfares, transfers or transportation to Transylvania, Romania, and our accommodations (transfers can be arranged for additional cost)

  • Additional activities, such as Kayaking, Bike Riding, Horse Riding

  • Any other incidental costs not listed here