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Project Description

Travel Academy: Creating, Sustaining, & Optimising Your Family Travel Experiences

The Family Adventure Summit 2018

Sunday, Oct 28, 9:00am-5:00pm

Join us for this full-day, highly interactive Travel Academy, where through StoryCollaborative Engagement, and Hands-On practical application, we will cover together the crucial topics every family wishing to travel long-term and thrive should consider, contemplate, and know…

We will ask and endeavor to answer some of the crucial big questions of long-term family travel and in our time together, we will create your own family story and traveling plan that will include the answers to:

• Why it is you are wanting to travel together? – Getting to the heart of the real-why and meaningful purpose of your journey

• What kind of traveling experiences do you want to share together traveling as a family? – Creating Your Own Family Travel Story of Success

• What is it you really need to enhance, optimise & make the most of your travel experiences? – Relieving our lives of excess baggage

• Travel Planning – How you can live and travel on less than $25K a year – Sharing Travel Hacks & Creating Your Very Own Optimised Travel Plan

This Academy is hands-on, intended and intentionally designed for every attendee to interactively take a part, in a way that will engage, challenge, inspire and activate your collective passions to forge your own integrated, collectively woven, shared family travel story.

Prerequisites: This course is suitable for Adults and children 10 or above who will actively take part in the whole day’s activities. Everyone should bring their own laptop or tablet in order to interactively create their own travel plan.

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